Rodent Control in Nassau, NY

Rodent controlThe team at Kill A Roach Termite & Pest Control takes great pride in the quality of our rodent management services. We're here to meet all of your pest and rodent control needs.

We use tamper-resistant bait boxes that are safe for children and pets. Boxes can be added outside commercial buildings too. Our bait stations Protecta RTU (for mice) and Protecta LP (for rats) have been used by pest control professionals for over twenty years. Their durable plastic is suitable for various situations, both inside and outdoors. Protecta RTU and Protecta LP fit easily against walls and in corners, as well as in areas with height limitations. Rodents do not hesitate to enter. Once inside, rodents are quickly led to the bait. 

This service can also include rodent proofing at an extra cost. This is the process of closing up holes and other spots where rats or mice might be living and breeding. We guarantee our work! 

The scope of our rodent control solutions can include the following services:

  • Detailed inspection of property interior/exterior
  • Identification of food/water sources, points of entry and harborage sites
  • A plan of action suitable for your particular property
  • Trapping/removal of existing rodents
  • Clean up and sanitization of rodent sites where necessary
  • Rodent Proofing and Exclusion
  • Setup of rodent baiting stations where necessary
  • Follow up visits to track progress and ensure success


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