Drain Fly Control

Go with the pros at Kill A Roach Termite & Pest Control for the outstanding drain fly control solutions that you require. We have more to offer you than just pest and rodent control services.

Drain Fly Control with Organic Drain Fly Moping Solution 

We now offer drain fly control is commercial food facilities. The best tool the PMP can use to manage fruit, drain and phorid flies in commercial facilities now comes in a 16 oz aerosol can. Hot Spot can be applied to cracks, crevices, or anywhere scum accumulates. The foam and citrus combination attacks the scum and, over time, the blend of microbes helps prevent hurther breeding in those areas.

Hot Spot drain fly control

A 360 degree nozzle allows you to use Hot Spot even in obscure areas. The foam provides a nice coat over scummy areas such as drain covers. Since Hot Spot is essentially addressing sanitation issues, regular use will help control cockroach infestations as well. InVade Bio Foam Hot Spot should not be applied on top of bait placements.  

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