Drain fly removal

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Drain Fly Control for Commercial Food Facilities

First we inspect the area to determine where flies might be gathering. This includes places such as drains, cracks in the floor, cracks in walls or baseboard areas, under equipment, garbage receptacles and under bar areas. We also take the inspection outdoors to see if flies are coming from dumpsters or places where organic materials may have been spilled. Drain fly control

We will also determine the sanitation level. The facility should have a regular cleaning regimen that includes processes such as cleaning counters and mopping floors. During cleaning, food debris should not be washed or allowed to collect under equipment or tables. Garbage containers should have lids and plastic bag liners that are replaced daily. Food and liquids should always be stored in coolers or sealed containers. We also ensure that other methods of control are in place and in working order. 

Finally, we set up a Fly Control Program with Nisus Products. TrueTech spray, foam and misting equipment are designed to provide the pest management industry with maximum flexiblility and effective application and treatment options. The specially designed treatment wand and foaming tip allow us to stand while directing foam into the drain, and it could be used for spray applications into hard-to-reach areas. There is also a drain cap which fits over the drain opening to aid in forcing the foam solution deep into the drain. 

As a mopping solution, Nibor-D Treatment for Flies in Kitchen Environments allows us to coat organic debris areas in which flies may breed and develop. The Nibor-D will diffuse into the coating of the drain (the area where the larvae are feeding) and contaminate their food source. This kills them and stops the life cycle that produces the adult populations. This treatment can also be applied to cracks and crevices in walls and tile grout, where organic food particles may collect.