Pest Control Solutions for Commercial Clients

Kill A Roach does more than service homes. For 35 years, our licensed pest management experts have been providing businesses with contractual services, using the most advanced pest elimination techniques in the industry. For our commercial clients, we will evaluate your needs and design a pest management plan for your business. We provide ongoing maintenance by professionals who are familiar with your property needs. We guarantee effective results you may depend on, constant communication and thorough documentation.

We offer services to every kind of commercial businesses, including restaurants, apartment buildings, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, and nursing homes. Here are just a few of the commercial clients we have proudly serviced:

Burger King
Just Management
All Area Management Services
Mid Borough Management
Musso Properties

Effective pest control is a crucial part of any business’s operations. In food services, for instance, health codes are strictly enforced, and a single pest can do severe damage to the business’s revenue and reputation. In today’s age of social media and internet reviews, word of a pest problem can spread fast. The same goes for the hospitality business. No matter how beautiful and luxurious your establishment, pests will not discriminate. If left unaddressed, they will not hesitate to be a huge disturbance to your guests. Even in manufacturing and warehouses, a pest problem can knock the entire flow of business off-kilter, damaging goods and distressing your employees.

No matter what your industry, we at Kill a Roach will take a range of unique and proactive measures to ensure that your business never develops a pest problem to begin with. Your customers will never set an eye on an unwanted critter, allowing you to turn your full attention to other crucial aspects of running your business.

Here are just a few of the ways we will make sure your business always remains pest-free: 


If rodent control is what your business needs, Kill A Roach can install mouse or rat baiting boxes outside your building. Our tamper-resistant bait stations known as Protecta RTU (for mice) and Protecta LP (for rats) have been a staple in the pest control industry since 1991. Their heavy-duty plastic is built to withstand various situations, both inside and out. The bait stations fit snugly against walls and in corners. They also fit well in areas with height limitations. Rodents do not hesitate to enter. Once inside, the layout leads them directly to the bait. The devices automatically snap locked when closed, making this a safe option around children and non-target animals.  

We also offer rodent proofing, which involves the closing of holes and any other places where rodents might be living and breeding. 

Other Pest Control Services

Kill A Roach also offers businesses roach control solutions, using insect growth regulator which sterilizes and stops the bugs from reproducing. We are also certified experts in bed bug control and drain fly control. We are highly competitive with corporations, and we don't charge extra for franchise fees. Give us a call at 516-220-0782 for an estimate today!

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